About Tenpin Sydney 

The home of the NSW East Coast Challenge Cup

and Sydney Inter District Travelling League


Greater Sydney Tenpin Bowling Association Ltd Trading As Tenpin Sydney

 The GSTBA was formed in 1963 to represent and address the needs of Tenpin Bowlers in the Greater Sydney area. As of 1st January 2012 we joined forces with the TBA, the national bowling body, and have become the local Sydney association. As a result of this we now represent all TBA league bowlers bowling out of the many centres throughout the greater Sydney area. In addition to representing and helping our league bowlers in their weekly league competition the GSTBA organises and hosts the Tenpin Sydney Championship and in conjunction with QLD and VIC associations the annual East Coast Championships and East Coast Challenge Cup  (ECCC). The GSTBA is a non-profit organisation.


The GSTBA exists to promote, manage and serve Tenpin Bowling in the greater Sydney area at all levels of play. To assist its members, teams and general participants involved in Tenpin Bowling and to encourage, facilitate and assist the involvement of as many people as possible in Tenpin Bowling and its related activities.“KEEP ON BOWLING”Thanks for visiting our website, enjoy your stay and come back often.