ID Round 24 Wrap Up – Bowled at Campbelltown on Saturday 22nd July

ID bowled at Campbelltown on Saturday 22nd July

Here are some of the great games in Div A

Ross Whiley 226
Jim McLaughlan 245
Adam Gillett 222
Chelsey Gillett 190
Isaac Cresswell 201
Anthony Dallas 206
Alan Shephard 235
Scott Herben 210
Brad Stirling 203
Tyson Carr 232
Laurie Milani 215
Waldemar Sczyzgiel 236
Jeff Buttigieg 224
James Franks 243
Tim Munro 234
Brodie Anderson 222
Matt Small 222
John Clarke 215
Dyllan Montford-Sinclair 231
Shaun Cummings 236

Andrew Stirling bowled the high game 267 and also the series 661

Alison McGuirk bowled the high game 201 and the high series was bowled by Chelsey Gillett 535

Rooty Hill Rhinos bowled the high team game 1027 and the high series 3011



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