ID Round 29 Wrap Up – Bowled at Windsor Tenpin Bowl on Saturday 26th August

ID bowled at Windsor Tenpin Bowl on Saturday 26th August

Here are some of the great games in Div A

John Ford 220
Ross Whiley 193
David Frost 236
Jim McLaughlan 213
Adam Gillett 200
Isaac Cresswell 225
Brad Stirling 200
Tyson Carr 217
Jeff Buttigieg 227
Tony Elvy 190
Laurie Milani 193
James Franks 215
Mick Munro 205
Tim Munro 237
Nathan Windshuttle 227
Tania Small 184
Murray Webb 193
Wayne Beesley 187
John Clarke 196
John Nichols 202
Ron Thurston 218
JP Li 202
Alex Ponomarev 218
Dyllan Montford-Sinclair 196

Andrew Stirling and Anthony Dallas had the high game 247 with Nathan Windshuttle bowling the high series 652
Kathy Luxford bowled the high game 246 and the series 691
Lidcombe bowled the high game 1083 and the series 3059.


Here are some of the great games in Div B

Ross Smith 193
Steve Penson 170
Paul Woodberry 195
Darrell Connelly 183
Robert Herman 191
Hayden Sharwood 201
John Fox 197
Patsy Gelding 184
Leon Keith 223
Mark Dall’Acqua 174
Michael Ruming 202
Daniel Abrahams 234
Cassandra Atkinson 196
Norman Lawrance 214
Tanya Buttigieg 204

Chris Butler bowled the high game but the high series was bowled but Daniel Abrahams 616
Megan Mills bowled the high game 226 and high series 612
Tenpin City Pocket Pounders bowled the high game 879 and the high series 2576

Congratulations to Kieran Gadd who bowled not only a personal best game of 199 but also his 487 series great bowling.

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