To ID & ECCC Bowlers – RE: Ball Surfaces

Just to bring it to all bowlers attention and to clear up any confusion, you are not to change the surface of your bowling balls once the first game has commenced in any session of games. This includes any bowling balls in your possession – even bowling balls still in your bag regardless if you have used them or not. If you are caught you will not be able to use the ball for the rest of the day.


See the rules below from:


TBA Rule Book V11.4 (VERSION 11.4 – 21-9-17)

A session of continuous games play concludes when a participant changes lanes or opponents. For example, in scenarios 1 and 2, the session of games concludes when a match concludes. In scenario 3, each lane change begins a new session.
1. 15 game in a singles match play final changing lanes every match.
2. A number of five man teams playing each other once, changing lanes every match.
3. A number of five man teams playing a match based on total pinfall over six games, bowled in blocks of 2, changing lanes after each 2 games.
4. In a league playing 3 games each week, each 3 game block is a session of games.

1. Unless rule 602(2) applies, altering the surface of a bowling ball by the application of any substance, liquid or abrasive, including Abralon or any other abrasive pads or the use of a recognised ball cleaning or polishing machine or ball spinner during a series or session of continuous games is prohibited. Refer to Rule 128 for the definition of a session of games. A ball may be wiped with a clean cloth or towel at any time. Penalties apply – Refer Offence No. 511.
2. In the event any foreign substance like grease, oil, rubber or similar from the machinery or equipment in the Centre is discovered on the surface of a ball in play it may be removed with an approved ball cleaner by the Tournament Director, League Management, Centre staff or a person or persons authorised by them.
3. Use of Abralon Pads
The surfacing of bowling balls using abralon pads or any other product in the player’s area at any time is prohibited. This rule is not limited to during competition. If a competition offers a ball surfacing table for this purpose it must be used.
4. All balls in a player’s possession will be deemed to be used during a series or session of continuous games.

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