The East Coast Challenge Cup

 The East Coast Challenge Cup came into being after a meeting between members of the Greater Sydney Tenpin Bowling Association and the Melbourne Tenpin Bowling Association. The meeting was held at Leichardt Bowl, Sydney, on 16th December 1978.


Each of the three participating associations:-
Tenpin Queensland Inc  Tenpin Sydney and United Tenpin Bowling Association Inc.
select a team in each of the ten divisions played, to represent their state in the East Coast Challenge Cup.
The 10 divisions are:
Open Men ..  Graded Men .. Open Ladies ..  Graded Ladies
Under 21 Open Boys ..  Under 21 Graded Boys .. Under 21 Open Girls .. Under 21 Graded Girls
Senior (over 50’s) Men .. Senior (over 50’s) Ladies

The selection criteria consists of scores from the association championships, and a roll off series.
Each state runs its own selection trials.

East Coast Cup Play
Each adult and senior team consists of seven bowlers and of these each team member will play the singles, six bowlers will play doubles,
six bowlers will play triples and five bowlers will play the teams.
During the  teams play, the two non starting bowlers are reserves, and may be called upon to replace another bowler.
The under 21 teams consist of 5 bowlers per team, and each team member will play singles, four bowlers will play doubles.
All five bowlers will play triples with one of the combinations using a vacancy score as the 3rd.
Four bowlers will be in the starting line up for teams and the non starting bowler will be a reserve, and may be called upon to replace another bowler.
The team manager is largely responsible for the selection of bowlers in each event.

The Points Scoring System
Bowlers are allocated points dependant on their scores, in singles, doubles, triples and teams, for each game played.
A total of 200 points is allocated to each game in each division of each event.

Medallions are presented to the winners of each event in each division and these awards are keenly sought by the contestants.
As well there are six perpetual trophies to be won. These cups are held by the winning states until the following year.

Points won throughout the competition, by each state, are collated and the cup winners are decided on overall points won in each division:-
Adult Men: Open and Graded combined
Adult Ladies: Open and Graded combined
Under 21 Boys: Open and Graded combined
Under 21 Girls: Open and Graded combined
Seniors (over 50’s): Men and Ladies combined

Champion Association:
Points won by all 10 divisions are combined and the State with the most points wins the “Champion Association” title and trophy.
[The Champion Association Cup was introduced in 1993]

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